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Overview of Bridges Consulting Inc.

Bridges Consulting Inc.  (BCI) has been servicing the Project Management and Business Analysis community since we opened in 2014.  Our goal is to continue to provide quality training, coaching, and consulting for all of our customer’s project management needs.  Our customerrs consist of individuals and companies.  Therefore we make sure to give you an unmatched and superior service at a tremendous value.

Mission Statement

BCI  has over 30 years of training and instructing others in project management and business analysis skills.  With our experience in training and coaching we have made our motto at BCI: “taking training to a new levels”.

Industry Experience

BCI uses a curriculum that he prepares specifically for his client’s needs and wants by using technology-enabled learning products. George has also taught Project Management Certificate Programs to major corporations around the world; General Motors, Major International Banks, Acelermetal in Trinidad and Red Uno – Telecommunication in Mexico City.  George teaches Business Analysis to participants from major corporations from around the world.  As an ongoing participant in the business, George has designed and developed training courses for Project Management, Program Management, Business Analysis, Leadership Skills and Information Technology.

Contact us today at george@bridgesconsultinc.com.  Call  248-550-1973 to schedule a telephone or skype conference call with George.

BCI offers IT Services
      • Needs Analysis
      • Requirement Gathering
      • Facilitation
      • Business Process Modeling
      • Process Improvements
      • Time Series Analysis
      • Business Forecasting
  • Lead Project Teams
  • Develop Project Plans
  • Develop Work Breakdown Structure
  • Team Building
  • Agile PM
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Software Development Methods
  • IT Governance
  • Database Design
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse
  • Business Process Modeling

Past Experience

As Director of Information Technology at Word of Faith International Christian Center, George managed large and small  IT projects.  He supported the general manager of business operations.  He developed and implemented websites and in-house software applications.  His experience included running a very large data processing division of the business.

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